Music videos

Music video is a type of video production that combines a music track to a short film. It is a big part of the presentation and marketing strategies mainly used by musicians. Musicians tend to express their creativity not only by sound, but also visually. Some audiences prefer to visualise and listen to music at the same time in order to get the whole creative experience.

A magnificent music track deserves an attractive visual. Whether you have a concept for your music video, or you have no idea where to begin, you can rely on our video production team to conceptualise and begin to develop your music video project. EC Media offers all personnel as well as the production equipment required to develop your music video project.

Our team includes writers, producers, directors, cameramen, video editors and sound engineers. We will manage and administrate the whole music video production process, from the scripting to shooting and onto the screens. We can create all the music videos in full HD and 4K by recording them with our high-end cameras.

Our services also include finding a location for your music video as well as casting on-screen talent. You will get 100% assurance from our post-production team for graphic and sound effects, audio-visual editing, motion graphics and everything else that is required in order to capture and create an eye-catching video.