Film & Photography

From initial concept to final production, we can do it all.


A music video combines a music track and a short film. Musicians tend to express their creativity not only by sound, but also visually. Some people prefer to visualise and listen to music at the same time in order to get the whole creative experience.

Magnificent music deserves a magnificent video. Whether you have a vision for your concept, or you have no idea where to begin, you can rely on our video production team to conceptualise and develop your music video project. EC Media can provide all crew and equipment for your project.

Our team includes writers, producers, directors, cameramen, video editors and sound engineers. We will manage the whole music video production process, from the scripting to shooting.

Our service also includes finding location and talent for your project. It can then be handed over to our in house post production team, who will handle all the graphics, sound effects, audio-visual editing and motion graphics required in order create your eye-catching project.


Do you have a birthday, anniversary or wedding you want to remember forever? A great way to preserve these memories is by contacting EC Media and letting us to do the rest of the work for you. We will not only record the event, but also edit and produce them into a digital format of your choice. We can handle any type of event such as; weddings, birthdays, christenings, bar mitzvahs, family reunions and even holidays. Wherever you wish to film, we will be there.


There is so much organisation that goes into preparing for a special occasion. Be it a fashion show, live event or an immersive experience. Having a videographer capture the hard work can be beneficial for you business and act as a case study for future events.


A BTS video shows just that – all the stuff that happens behind the scenes during a production. As creators of BTS content, it’s our job to give audiences a deeper understanding and appreciation for the project.


A documentary is an informative project that uses video and interviews to provide a factual report on a particular subject. Nowadays documentaries are often used in schools for educating children, it’s been proven that watching a movie helps children retain more information than reading a textbook. They might also be used by companies to showcase there products and processes to perspective clients.


A corporate video defines the way in which the company or organisation works, what their objectives are, how they approach their goals, how they approach the public, and what they specialise in. The quality of a corporate video will often reflect on the quality of the company or organization’s services. It should tell a story about the company or organisation, how old they are, where they came from and what makes them different from others. Having a high quality corporate video to represent you, can attract many customers.


Instead of your customers having to read though many pages of text, you can simply create a video which showcases your company’s products or experiences and what makes you stand out versus your competitors.


Explainer videos are often used when dealing with a more complex service or a specific product. Instead of reading manuals or talking with customer service, you can create a short explainer or a how-to video which contains all the information your customer needs. A well-made product explainer video can simplify consumer use and attract future customers to your products or services.


Web video is the providing of live-action video over the internet, as opposed to traditional broadcast methods like television or film. Web video is most often delivered via a web browser. Well-made web videos have the capability of explaining how you can work with a website, for example: A health insurance company or an e-shop, or how internet banking works.


Whether for internal or external use, business videos are used to reveal information about your company. They often feature company directors or CEO’s speaking about a certain matter that affects their company, for example where to focus their production or how to react to new rules and regulations.


Training videos are intended for a company’s employees. Their content ranges from showing company procedures to workplace rules and regulations. They are often used in the onboarding process of new employees, promotions or a change in practice.


Crowdfunding videos are often found on crowdfunding websites. Their aim is to provide information about a product that is being funded, its usage, and most importantly, trying to convince the audience to fund the project. They are an essential part of a successful crowdfunding campaign.


We can provide you with a highlight real of a seminar or conference for those who were unable to attend the event. It can also be a great form of advertising for future attendees. From interviews to keynote speakers, we can shoot and capture it all in just one video.


When organising a publicity event, you always want to make sure that it will gain maximum reach from prospective audiences. Creating a video is the perfect source of exposure. EC Media can create videos for publicity events that will gain attention as well as convince the viewer to follow the event more closely.


When launching a business, specific product or service, you may want to consider adding it to all your social media platforms for marketing purposes. We will shoot and edit a video of your launch event for you, and export it in any format you need.


Events such as award ceremonies must have a video to capturthat event. When an individual wins an award, it is important to keep a memory of that moment. We can capture behind the scenes of a ceremony as well as the ceremony itself in order to create a long lasting memory.