Corporate Videos

A corporate video is generally about a certain company or an organization. It defines the company or organisation works, what their objectives are, how they approach their goals, how they approach the public, and what is their specialisation.

Having a bad quality corporate video can be taken as a reflection on the quality of the company/organisation’s services. It is a story about the company or organisation itself, how old they are, where they came from and what makes them different from others. Having a high-quality corporate video to represent your company and organisation can attract many customers to your front door.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a great way to showcase your company to others. Instead of talking or having to read many pages of text, you can simply create a video which showcases your company’s products and what makes them stand out as well as including information that can reach out to other customers and bring them to you.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are often used when dealing with a more complex service or a specific product. Instead of reading manuals or talking with customer service, you can create a short explainer or a how-to video which contains all the information regarding a certain need of your customers.A well-made product explainer video can help you in convincing your customers to buy your products as well as attract potential customers to your company.

Web Videos

Web videos are very important today. Not everyone is familiar with filling out forms online, especially senior citizens who are not familiar with the internet or electronic devices. Well-made web videos are capable of explaining how you can work with a website, for example: A health insurance company or an e-shop, or how internet banking works.

Buisness Videos

Business videos often reveal information about your company. They are often made with an important company manager, usually the CEO speaking about a certain matter that affects their company, for example where to focus their production or how to react to new rules and regulations.They can potentially attract new customers based on how well the manager presents themselves and their company.

Animated Video Services

Animated videos are created in 3D and are used for explaining complex procedures or showing the inner workings of a complex machine. They are useful in data-heavy concepts, where customers face an overwhelming amount of information and may be unable to remember everything an animated video simplifies all that heavy information.

Crowdfunding Videos

Crowdfunding videos are often found on crowdfunding websites. They aim to provide information about a product that is being funded, what are its usages, and most importantly, trying to convince the audience to fund the project. They are an essential part of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Training Videos

Training videos are intended for a company’s employees. Their content ranges from showing regular procedures to workplace rules and more. They are often used in briefings for either newly hired employees, promoted personnel or a change in practice.