Video Production Trends of 2016

Another year, another list of trends we could either be thankful for or upset about. 2016 has been a great year for video production companies. Companies now wish to make their marketing videos more complex, and that’s where video production companies such as EC Media come in to work.

The constant trends that we have been seeing this year are:

  • Producing videos for various different platforms, specially social media websites.
  • Building more content but not going over budget.
  • Creating media content that is creative and engaging to different audiences through high definition image quality.

Many video production trends have been increased and decreased due to different factors. In this article we will include a list of different trends that have increased in popularity.

Short Video Clips Used For Social Media Content and Marketing

Audiences require different lengths of videos on different platforms, and when it comes it social media, they just want it to be quick and short. Audiences on social media don’t usually have the patience for long videos, therefore getting them engaged within short length videos means that you are meeting their criteria and demands as well as attracting them to your video or organisation.

In 2016, marketing companies have increased their number of short length videos, this is obviously due to the billions of social media users.

Video shoots for multiple purposes that produce multiple pieces of content

Companies and organisation are becoming more smart when it comes to video content. They now wish to maximise their video content as much as they can as well as staying within their budget. They create the same piece of video footage for a number of different platforms, they are also accessing a large variety of different media content within their archives in order to create short length videos with more content which point to extensive legacy pieces. In a single shoot they are multi-purposing their shoots in order to encapsulate raw media for various different video clips and video projects.

Companies and organisations also spent a lot of time and money on pre-production planning in order to achieve a large number of content for video per video production project.

Demand for higher definition shots for video projects

For a company to have a HD media content, the video production company must have all the latest and most professional types of camera gear available at their disposal. The average youtube blogger now has a HD canon camera, let alone video production companies. Later on in the years, companies and organisations will require much higher quality media content, so it’s important to always have the proper equipment at hand.

Camera & video technology

Not much has changed when it comes to camera or video technology. Of course there is 4K video cameras now, but there’s still room for better tech being produced specifically for video production companies. In the next few years, we predict that we will be sticking to 4K quality cameras until there comes a new technology.

Use of drones for aerial video shots

Instead of hiring a helicopter and setting up your camera there, there are now drones that have built in high quality video and photo camera’s used for aerial shots. They are not very expensive pieces of equipment. If video production companies have the budget for their typical camera set-up, then rest assured, they can spend a few grand on drone equipment.

So there it is, the latest trends of 2016. Don’t forget there are many more trends that we can all start getting into within 2017. As technology improves, so does the trends for video production and marketing. So it’s important to look out for new or upcoming trends.

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