Social Media Marketing Done Right With Short Videos

So what are short-form videos and how can they improve your social media marketing? The term is pretty self-explanatory. Short-form videos are snippets usually created as teasers for social media platforms. They grab attention, engage, leaving the viewer hungry for more content, more information, possibly more products.

Recycle content

You can create stand-alone pieces or you can re-edit one of your pre-existing videos. This way, you’ll have an endless supply of content available for use inexpensively any time you need to release something on to social media.

Break it down

Short videos help break a big story down into a series of several smaller pieces making it easier to process and of course, making it more understandable. Social media is designed based on this principle, just take advantage of it.

Sell your event

Filming an event certainly provides plenty of content to work with. Use it for your short videos to inspire comments and reactions from fans and followers and to advertise your upcoming event.

Share short-form videos on Facebook.

They will surely draw attention as Facebook has recently started to prioritise video posts in its news feed. Facebook users will love it and the videos will lead them right to your company’s site. Do you still need more convincing? More than half of Internet users have a Facebook accounts, publishing your content there could help you reach a much wider audience.

“Where can I find the full version?” will be the first question asked after viewing one of your brilliant teasers. Make sure to include a link to the longer version and you are all set.

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