How To Use Our Cost Calculator Tool

There are times where we have clients asking for an estimated cost for one of their projects. There obviously a batch of questions that we would have to ask you in order to give you an estimated cost. However to make lives easier for our clients, we have implemented a cost calculator that would allow our clients to get an idea of how much their video production will cost based on their requirements.

This handy tool is for the purpose of providing an estimated cost range for a video production project at different levels; Low Cost, Mid Range and High End. You can pick a production level that suits your budget and start scaling up and down on each question and at the end get an estimated cost. You can also export all the data that is shown on the screen into a PDF file. To use this tool simply navigate to the menu on our homepage and then click on ‘Get a Quote’. Also to expand each question, just click on the question box and it will automatically expand. You can also click on the reset button if you were not happy with the estimate, and it will clear all your adjustment and will enable you to start from scratch.

If there are any glitches, issues with the calculator or if you would like to just say thanks, please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below this blog post or email us at .

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