How To Present For Event Videos

It can be a very frustrating and nerve-wracking experience for any individual who speaks on a camera at an event. However, there’s no need to spend so much time and money in order to train and be perfect on camera. In this article we look at how you can simply use a list of steps to ensure that you can be a confident role model on camera in order to represent your company or organisation.


Even though it sounds a bit obvious, but smiling is a a very effective method of being able to engage with the audience and will instantly make the viewer warm up to you. It also sends a direct message to the viewers that you are in control and very confident. If on camera, you start to look worried or tense, the viewer will quickly switch off and disengage with you.

Keep it short and simple

Event videos tend to be very simple and short, so are the viewers attention spans, therefore don’t try to over do it. The majority of event videos usually run for two-three minutes, because they may include many other interviews and therefore you may need to deliver your content within a 30-60 second window. A 30 second interview could contain around 70 words and a minute long video could be double that amount, so it isn’t that bad.


For certain people, it’s easier said than done as we know. However it’s possible to handle those nerves. You can ask the production crew to stage the shot as an face-to-face interview. Being able to respond to someone else while talking will help you keep you more in a calm tone, it will also give you more authority when on camera. Before going on camera, have a quick briefing with the person who will be interviewing you so they know what the key points are and so they can give the right prompts as well as be able to keep you on track as soon as the interview has commenced.

Body Language

Body language is very important when on camera, it can either give a positive first impression or make a very disturbing or boring impression. So before the crew start recording, relax your shoulders, take a deep breath and then tell the crew that you’re ready to start. Be quick, but don’t rush anything, because rushing could cause more problems along the interview.

Open and inviting body language is another very simple way of creating a positive impression in the minds of the viewer, so take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and uncross those arms. Keeping your focus on the interviewer should help loosen you up and will also stop nervous fidgeting and other bad habits from creeping into your performance!

Don’t forget, all these factors will help you maintain yourself during your presentation on camera. Being relaxed is the most important thing. There’s no need to be scared of anything, it’s just a quick presentation, just imagine you are talking with one of your close friends or family. Also drinking a glass of water before presentation will keep your mouth from being try.

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