Frequently asked Questions

1- What is the difference between EC Media and other media companies in London?

We are conveniently based in Chelsea, London and have a huge network of studios and locations, we are also connected with a variety of crew, models, actors and are equipped with the latest video production technology equipment’s in the industry, which makes us a full service production house, and offering our clients full guidance of promotional strategies for their production.

2- Does EC Media provide photography as well as videography?

Yes, we do. As well as having the highly qualified, experienced, creative and skilled photographers, we also make sure that they are equipped with the latest and most professional photography equipment. It is important that the right moment is captured for you and your organisation by the right people and tools.

3- Does EC Media travel abroad for any projects?

Sure, we love travelling! As long as all travel and lodging expenses are accounted for in the budget, we’re all set to go.

4- What is the cost of a video production?

Each client or organisation has a different requirement as well as a different scale of budget. Without knowing what the client wants, we cannot give a figure straight away. For your ease of mind and convenience, we have created a cost calculator which will give you an overall estimate of your media project after you have scaled your requirements within the tool.

5- What happens once my video project is finished?

Depending on the concept and theme of your video project, we will recommend different methods on how to market the video as well as maximising potential views and new demographics of audience.

6- Can you enhance and edit any pre-existing footage?

Sure, our team of experienced and professional video editors can edit the existing footage in order to create a new visual content of your desire.

7- What if I want the video without editing?

Of course, we can simply shoot the video and hand you the unedited files to you.

8- Where do I licence my music?

We work with a large variety of licencing organisations, and therefore will take care of any licencing that your project requires. We can also customise a soundtrack or even work with experienced musicians in order to create the perfect music or sound for your project.

9- Will I have full copyright to the video?

Yes, you will absolutely keep all the rights to your video! We retain the right to share the video for our portfolio unless you disagree. We will always ask you for permission before adding it to our portfolio.

10- Can EC Media help us with developing content for our commercials?

Of course! We can provide you with directional services as well as assisting you in creating a storyboard, writing scripts and any pre-production requirements that you may have. Developing media content is one of our strong aspects.

11- Who will be my first point of contact?

Once you contact us in regards to any media projects, one of our producers will be in touch to discuss your requirements. We love to hear from you. Link- Contact us

12- Do you offer birthday or wedding video packages?

Yes we do, please feel free to contact us and tell us the budget that we can work with.

13- How does video footage increase my web traffic?

Google is the largest and most powerful search engine in the world, who also owns YouTube. If your videos are high quality and stands out from the contents of other companies, your web traffic will be much higher compared to others. Having videos with a link to your website can increase your search engine ranking, this is called Video Search Engine Optimization or Video Ranking.

If you think you need help with further optimization for your video, our sister company can help you in further enhancing your video ranking.