Different Ideas For Business Videos

In the recent years, videos have demonstrated to be an essential part of promoting as well as creating brand awareness for companies. Videos also tend to build a strong communication and relation between businesses and their customers. Online videos tend to send out a brand message in which it surpasses typical images and text branding. A typical website visitor tends to leave a website seconds after it’s been loaded. Creating an interactive website with the inclusion of videos is a great way of attracting more visitors for a longer period of time, as they’ll be even more curious on what type of content is within that specific video.

Companies who upload videos on their websites have demonstrated that they rank much higher on search engines compared to those who are without videos. As mentioned in our previous posts, marketing executives or companies who upload their videos throughout social media and video streaming sites have shown to have a much greater ranking on search engines such as; Google. Because of advances in video production and a huge growth in competition, producing and making online videos have become even more affordable. Here are some different methods on how to utilise video content within your site.

Virtual Tours – Virtual tours for videos are a great method of displaying your office location, office surrounding and/or facilities in a direct manner to your website visitors. By visualising employees within a workplace and showing a glance of the services and facilities you provide, a more personal and unique connection is made between the company and the website visitors. If a company can display their employees functioning within the workplace, it creates a great first impression of a professional workplace. Video tours enable prospective clients to get a sense of what the reality of the company consists of before committing to anything.

Testimonials – Many businesses include some form of text testimonials within their websites. However, videos of happy customers are a real and genuine way of demonstrating that your brand or business delivers great results and works to a high standard which is reliable and professional. Anyone can put text based testimonials and make it look believable, but how do we know that an actual customer wrote that text. Video testimonials show a visual and more believable review of that brand rather than just a paragraph of text.

Vlogs (Video Blogs) – Vlogs are a very trendy and popular way of discussing a topic in a very personal and comfortable manner. They tend to be short to medium length videos. The average video blog length is just under 10 minutes. Now when it comes to implementing this for a business, you can easily produce a few short videos with someone obviously presenting, so that you viewers can enjoy a more ‘humanlike’ feel of your company instead of a corporation style. Vlogging is a more informal yet an effective method of creating a personal connection between you and your viewers. Some companies also send their products to certain vloggers on video sharing sites so they can discuss and review the product. It’s always good to get an unbiased review from someone out of the company

Viral Promo Videos – A fun and innovative way to gain the attention of prospective customers or to increase brand awareness, is by creating a viral video. They are simply humorous, innovative and creative types of videos. They are utilised more throughout social media websites such as; YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Viral videos which are successful in terms of number of viewers and tend to be very cost effective. EC Media will do the production part of the video, but it’s the companies job to try and get it out there. Companies such as ‘John Lewis’, usually release an annual Christmas viral marketing video, and they produce such a great video, that most viewers go find it online and share it instantly on their social media pages. Viral videos are not just about promoting and attracting more ‘customers’, but they are a creative and fun way of attracting more ‘viewers’.

Explainer Videos – These types of videos are great for aiding your clients in informing or educating them about a type of service or product. By demonstrating a visual explanation of that type of product or service, your clients trust of your brand will increase dramatically.

Statistics from various internet sources have shown that 46% (3.4 billion people) of the world population use the internet, and from that statistic, just under 70% of the internet population use social media. That is why online videos are very important. Whether they are included in your website or uploaded on social media content, it’s always important to have an optimised version of your video for online uploads. Get in touch with EC Media if you like to find out more info on the different types of videos we produce. You can drop us an email at info@ecmedia.co or call us on 020 7751 5954, we are always happy to help.

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